Welcome to our Placement Test!

Full Name
1.What's your name?

2.What colour is it?

3.What is it?

4.What time is it?

5.Are you ...

6.How much are these shoes?

7.What's the weather like?

8.I won the running race

9.Excuse me. Where is the library?

10.What's your best friend like?

Read the text below and answer the questions.

Tony: Hey, Mike. What are you doing online? Don’t you have tennis lessons?

Mike: I’m not into it any more. It’s a bit boring. I want to try something more exciting, like surfing. You used to go surfing, right? What’s it like?

Tony : Well, it isn’t as easy as skiing, but it’s more fun. Do you know how to surf?

Mike : Of course, I used to spend hours at the sea with my friends. I wasn’t as good as some of them but I could stand on the board for quite some time.

Tony :Great. Listen, I know a good place near here. I took my cousin there a few years ago and taught him how it’s done. We could go together some time. I can show you a few tricks.

Mike: Brilliant! Do I need to have lessons by a professional first?

Tony: Don’t worry about that. You can rely on me. Just get some surfing clothes . There’s a good shop in the shopping centre. It’s cheaper than the ones in the city centre.

Mike: Great. I’m getting really excited now.

Tony: Me too.

11.Tony is interested in taking up an extreme sport.

12.Mike was better at surfing than his friends.

13.Tony doesn't know any tricks.

14.Mike needs to spend money on his new activity